About the student contest

About the student contest

Participate in our SCIA Student Contest 2024 "The Art of Structural Design"

We are excited to launch our next Student Contest “The Art of Structural Design” for all students that use SCIA Engineer.

Do you, as a student, want international attention and appraisal for you and your project?

Or just want to win the money prize of 750€, 500€ or 250€?

In that case, we invite you to send us your student projects, realized with the help of SCIA Engineer. Your project will be assessed by a jury of SCIA professionals. The winning project will be made public by extensive press coverage, marketing activities and on social media outlets.

The contest starts on 27 September 2023 and will be closed 15 September 2024

Why should I participate?

Why should I participate

Participating in this SCIA Engineer Student Contest brings you many advantages...


User Satisfaction


Student Licenses


SCIA Engineer Fans



Participating is easy!

Participating is easy!

Follow the following 3 steps...


Form Download

First, you need to download our easy-to-use Adobe PDF template document.

Download Template


Materials Collection

After having completed the template, also collect all other required files, such as the SCIA Engineer files, thesis, images and other files.




Send us your Files

Once you collected all files, zip everything in one file and send it to [email protected].

You may also choose to upload your zipped file to wetransfer.com and send us the link.


Student Project Types & Prize

Student Project Types & Prize


There are 4 types of student projects that can participate.
The winner will receive a 750€ money prize,
the second prize winner gets 500€ and the third prize will be 250€. 

Thesis Projects

Thesis Projects

Dissertation projects involving your own personal research.

Study Projects

Study Projects

Projects that you studied on during practical class. Often done in smaller teams.

Recalculation Projects

Recalculation Projects

Analysis and redesign of real-life iconic constructions or historical buildings.

Internship Projects

Internship Projects

Projects you work on during your internship in a engineering or construction company.

About the Jury

About the Jury

The contest jury, composed of SCIA professionals, will gather in September 2024 for the evaluation of the submitted projects.


The SCIA jury will take the following factors into account:

Technical Level

The technical level of the design, detailing and/or the calculations

SCIA Engineer Usage

The optimal use of the functionalities and possibilities in SCIA Engineer


The attractiveness and comprehensiveness of the project and submitted materials


Still questions?
We will be happy to answer them!