Contest Rules & Regulations

Contest Rules & Regulations

All rules and regulations can be consulted here...


1. Participating in the contest

This contest is free and accessible to all students that are using an official, registered SCIA Engineer Student license. Students that already graduated in 2022, may also still participate. Professionals however, cannot participate. The contest starts on 10 October 2023 and will be closed 15 September 2024

Students in this contest may submit a single project for which SCIA Engineer has been used to realize his/her academic study work. Projects that have been submitted in any SCIA contest before, cannot participate again.

By taking part in this student contest, the participant must agree to have read and fully accepted the contest rules.

2. What kind of Student Projects are allowed?

Four different kinds of Student projects are allowed:

  • Thesis Projects
    Dissertation projects involving the students own personal research.

  • Study Projects
    Projects that the student studied on during practical class. Often such projects are done in small teams of 2 or more.

  • Recalculation Projects
    Projects reporting on the analysis and redesign of well-known iconic constructions or historical buildings.

  • Internship Projects
    Projects the student worked on during his/her internship in an engineering / construction company.


3. Conditions of Participation

Each participant must use the provided Adobe PDF template file (also available via the download button on the Student Contest website), in which he / she can complete the project. A zipped file, containing all documents must be send to [email protected] or made available for download via

On 30 June 2024, the contest will be closed. At that date, all the required project materials must be complete and be in the possession of SCIA, the organizer. Only projects fulfilling the minimum requirements will be admitted and evaluated by the jury.

By taking part in this student contest, the student grants the contest organizer, its subsidiaries, agents and distributors the permission to use the submitted material for any kind of publication such as the book, websites, newsletters, testimonials, brochures, advertisements, social platforms or any other way. By participating, the participant also certifies that there are no copyrights owned by any third party on the submitted material or the participant has explicit permission by the owner or responsible professor to use it.


4. Prizes, Jury and Evaluation of the Projects

An internal jury, composed of highly educated SCIA engineers, will gather in September 2024 for the evaluation of the submitted projects.

This jury will assess the projects taking the following characteristics into account:

  • The technical level of the design, detailing and/or the calculations. The illustration of a BIM workflow, sustainability and environmental conditions are encouraged.
  • The optimal use of the functionalities of the used software programs
  • The attractiveness and completeness of the student project and the way it has been presented in the submitted documents

The first winner will receive a money prize of 750 Euro. The second prize will be 500€ and finally the third prize winner gets 250€. 


5. Confidentiality

All information presented in the entry files will remain confidential until the date of the official proclamation of the winner. The members of the jury are obliged to the deliberation secret and only have time-limited access to all project materials during the evaluation period.


6. Presentation of the Projects (What is needed?)

Each submitted project needs to contain the following parts:

Required :

  • The fully completed Adobe PDF Template containing all details about the student's contribution.
    Amongst others, a short project description and a quote about how SCIA Engineer has been deployed by the student for his/her project.
  • A PDF or Word file with detailed information such as a thesis, a study project assessment, a report of a recalculation project or an internship study work.
  • Logo in high resolution of the university or school, preferably in vectorized format.
  • Screen captures and/or exported imagery in highest resolution.
  • The SCIA Engineer Software Files (.esad or .esa) of your project .

Optional :

  • Any other files that might interest the contest jury and could raise your chance of winning this contest, like digital photos and/or virtual images of the project in highest resolution, movies, vlogs, presentations, engineering reports, etc.

More detailed information on what is needed will be explained in the Adobe PDF Template.

7. Organization of the Contest

The contest is organized by SCIA nv, Corda 2 - Kempische Steenweg 309/0.03, B 3500 Hasselt, Tel: +32 11 94 86 10, Email: [email protected]

The contest may be interrupted, postponed or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. The participants waive each right of lodging a complaint or claiming compensation with regard to this ruling.